Ala leaf

Like all foliage is the elder vote!

Ficus benghalensis (Ficus benghalensis) A tree with tentacles. Its seeds are propagated by fruit-eating birds.

The widest of the trees is the palm tree. The word Akal is given by Maruvi as Al. Its tentacles are used to support its wide branches. The Sangam literature mentions that it falls because it descends (falls) from the branches.

It is impossible to see a village in India without a banyan tree.

It is not only because of the large tree that the crowd gathers under the canopy, but also by sitting under the canopy.

Aloe vera milk, leaves, bark, fruits, seeds, buds, roots and tentacles are all used medicinally.

Dry and grind the fruits and take 12 grams and mix it with milk and drink it. Memory will disappear. The body will be structured.

Alum Velum is the fruit language that is sure to the tooth. Rubbing your teeth on wooden sticks will strengthen your teeth and gums.

The flower stalks can be powdered by mixing the bark of the fig tree with an equal weight of sugar and milk. Thus increasing the number of cells in the organ

Alam leaves can be dried in the shade, finely ground and mixed in equal proportions to treat menstrual problems and bleaching.

Usually some of the key ingredients are preservative. In that sense, oranges are high in antioxidants. Eating this will renew the cells and keep them active. Thus, the facial skin will look younger for a long time.

There are some important uses for this tree. The leaves are a remedy for hair problems. It is a good remedy for many people who have hair loss.

Take dry or young ala leaves and grind them well, add flaxseed oil to them and massage it on the scalp. Then rinse the head with warm water. Or you can put aloe vera leaves in flaxseed oil and apply this saturated oil on the scalp. Doing so will stop hair loss and solve the problem of baldness.

Burning ala leaves and eating its ashes along with betel leaves is a remedy for cutting disease.

Milk is poured on each part of the ala tree. It can be collected and used as medicine. It is also used to treat nasal and dental diseases, premature ejaculation, hemorrhoids, tumors and pain.

Let us admire the ala tree which has innumerable qualities from head to toe like this!